Antennas & Propagation

Online tutorials about antennas, transmission lines and propagation. Learn this aspect of electronics online because a good understanding of what happens after a signal leaves a transmitter and before it enters the recever itself is essential for anyone involved in radio or wireless technology.

ag捕鱼王程序揭秘One of the key areas of any radio system is that part where the signal is transfered from the transmitter to the receiver. This involves the use of antennas or aerials to radiate the signal as an electromagnetic wave, and then there is the way that the electromagntic wave travels or propagates between the transmitting antenna and the receiving one. Thus antennas and propagation are key areas for any radio system

Radio Propagation

Check out these tutorials on the radio spectrum and radio propagation.

Transmission lines

Key tutorials about transmission lines - what they are and key aspects about the performance and operation of transmission lines.


Learn about antennas and how they work in these tutorials and descriptions for building and installing them.

Other antenna technologies


Practical antenna construction and guides

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